Market Research 2 minutes

Learn how to conduct quick and simple market research to help you launch your dental membership program.

Market Research

If you launch any type of product or service and want to be successful, you need to start with market research. After talking with hundreds of dental practices across the nation, the ones that have been successful all  start with some market research before they even launch their membership program.

The easiest way to do this is to reach out to your existing patient base and simple ask them if they would be interested in joining your new dental membership program! if they say yes, collect their contact info and sign hem up after you have launched. Most practices that do this find that between 20 and 100 patients are interested, if you see at least 10 – 20 patients that are interested you are more likely to find and attract more patients in your local market.

Another way that you can do some market research is create a free survey using Survey Monkey. This is an awesome tool to not only email to your existing patient base but you can also post it in your facebook page, group and personal pages! Survey monkey is really easy to use and allows you to generate an easy to use survey with your questions and then compiles the data into easy to read reports. I love this web application and I highly recommend that use use this FREE resource!

Action Steps:

1. Start asking patients if they would be interested in your dental membership program.

2. Make a list of interested patients so that you can contact them once you launch.

3. Create a free survey on Survey Monkey and send it out to your email list and social media.

4. Update me on your progress – jordon@boomcloudapps.com


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Jordon Comstock


Jordon Comstock is the founder and CEO for BoomCloud. He focuses on teaching dental practices about the importance of creating membership programs to generate recurring revenue, build patient loyalty, increase external marketing and increase case acceptance. 

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