Escape The Chair: Increase Your Income

Feb 29, 2024 | Dental, Webinar


Explore groundbreaking strategies for dental practices that boost efficiency, deepen patient loyalty, and significantly increase revenue in our webinar. Designed for dentists and office managers ready to transform their practices, Jordon Comstock, CEO of BoomCloud, and Mark Costes, CEO of The Dental Success Network, explore the power of systematization, the impact of exemplary leadership, and the financial benefits of patient membership programs.

Discover how to transition your practice from being dentist-reliant to system-reliant, enabling scalability and enhancing operational efficiency. Understand the importance of a defined culture and strong leadership in creating a positive, high-performance work environment that drives your practice toward greater success.

Delve into the development and expansion of six-figure membership programs that ensure steady income, reinforce patient loyalty, and provide an alternative to conventional dental insurance plans. This webinar provides a detailed roadmap for establishing, pricing, and managing membership programs effortlessly by utilizing the latest software solutions.

Additionally, learn about achieving operational excellence through the creation of detailed operational manuals for consistent service delivery and effective staff training. Uncover effective strategies for attracting and nurturing top talent, keeping your team in line with your practice’s fundamental values and goals. For dentists contemplating a strategic reduction in clinical hours without sacrificing profitability, our experts offer priceless advice. Discover methods to substitute your clinical output with alternative providers, pivot to executive-level responsibilities, and sustain financial stability through precise management of overhead and cash flow.

If your goal is to augment patient loyalty, streamline operations, or embrace the flexibility of reduced clinical responsibilities, this webinar is laden with practical insights and creative strategies to take your dental practice to new heights. Join us to tap into the full potential of your practice through systematization, impactful leadership, and patient membership programs.