Working with Practice Management Software

 6 minutes

Learn how to successfully manage your dental membership program with BoomCloud and your Practice Management System. Watch more videos below about how to manage your program with EagleSoft.

Working with Practice Management Systems & BoomCloud

In this chapter we interview Leslie from Adventure Dental on how she manages her dentalmembership program with BoomCloud and her practice management system.

Most practices try to over complicate the two systems. When managing your dental membership program with BoomCloud keep it simple and keep the management in your practice management system simple. 

Managing A Membership Program with BoomCloud & EagleSoft

Check out the video below to learn how your practice can manage your membership program with BoomCloud & EagleSoft.

Course Resources

Jordon Comstock


Jordon Comstock is the founder and CEO for BoomCloud. He focuses on teaching dental practices about the importance of creating membership programs to generate recurring revenue, build patient loyalty, increase external marketing and increase case acceptance.

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