How to Grow an In-House Membership Program With Dr. Phelps and BoomCloud

Dr. Christopher Phelps & Jordon Comstock teach us how to have success with an in-house membership program. They teaches us how to market to certain demographics, shows us statistics and numbers on how to grow your practice using an in-house membership program to generate recurring revenue, increase treatments plans and become a very profitable practice.

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In-House Dental Membership Management Software

Create, organize, and automate your in-house membership program using BoomCloud Membership Software.

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Dr. Flint Tomlinson Testimonial 

BoomCloud is a software that allows dental practices to create, organize and automate an in-house membership program. Generate recurring revenue for your practice and make it easy for patients to accept treatment. Watch a demo.

“Within minutes of signing up for BoomCloud we signed up a few families for our membership program”

“BoomCloud has allowed us to generate recurring revenue for our practice”

– Dr. Flint Tomlinson

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