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BoomCloud is a robust vision membership software that helps your practice create, organize and automate a vision membership program for your patients.

Why Clinics Love Using BoomCloud as Their Vision Membership Software.

BoomCloud helps us stay competitive!


We’ve used BoomCloud for a year and a half. During that time, our membership plan has grown to include nearly 200 patients without any external marketing at all. My team presents it as an option to all new patients and to existing patients who have no dental benefits plan coverage. It’s also provided an in-house option for financing care to enable qualified patients to fit their treatment into their budgets with recurring payments. As some employers cut back on their benefits, we’re positioned to offer a competitive option that keeps patients returning for care.

– Paul Cardon DDS



Using BoomCloud has been my best decision!


Being a dentist/business owner, time is a precious commodity. The more you grow your plan, the more labor-intensive it will become to track and manage your membership plan. I’m not sure why a dentist would want to incur the expense of paying an employee or add another job to their already busy life and career. I’ve made some bad decisions in my career, but the decision to use BoomCloud to manage my membership plan is not one of them. Great dashboard for tracking plan benefits and KPI’s, manages and tracks all ACH and credit card payments, and we also use it for in-office payment plans for eligible patients.”

Don’t waste time and money……..CONTACT Jordon Comstock AND BOOMCLOUD!!

Stacy Wince, DDS

BoomCloud has been the answer for our practice!

“It didn’t take long for our staff members and many of our patients to discover the benefits of implementing the BoomCloud Dental Membership Software into our practice. We have experienced an increase in treatment case acceptance by our patients who are members and they are enjoying all of their savings! BoomCloud has given us the system to help make dentistry affordable for many of our non-insured patients to receive dental cleanings twice per year, as well as accomplish treatment that they previously had to put on hold due to cost. We have seen multiple patients switch from an insurance plan they were unhappy with, to becoming a satisfied member of our savings plan. BoomCloud Dental Membership Software has been the answer to the savings program our practice has been searching for! The program is very user friendly for both the customer and provider. Their customer service department is great and are always so prompt in assisting me. I would recommend this company to any dental practice interested in providing a great alternative to insurance for their patients.”

Jaci Jackson, OM

BoomCloud helps us create recurring revenue! Best dental membership plan software!


“Within minutes of signing up for BoomCloud we signed up a few families for our membership program”

BoomCloud has allowed us to generate recurring revenue for our practice”

Flint Tomlinson, DMD

“Everything you have taught us in training videos and webinars has worked” – Kim Barnes


The membership program has changed our Doctor. The Dr. is amazed with how it has affected our patients. Patients are more compliant.  Instead of coming in once a year for a cleaning, they come in twice a year. BoomCloud is amazing!

Kim Barnes, Office manager


Clinics That Use BoomCloud Grow Their Membership by 1,000%

What we do – in under 1 minute.

55% of Americans don’t have vision insurance. Why compete for the same patients as the clinic down the street when you could tap into a market and cut out insurance companies from decreasing the value of your services and cutting your profits.

With the help of BoomCloud vision Membership Software, you now have the opportunity to create a vision membership program for your patients with no waiting periods. Using our software to organize and create plans, add members to those plans, track benefits, automate payments and analyze reports. Your clinic can now build recurring revenue which increases the value of a practice and allows you to truly care for your patients.