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The Challenge

62% of patients don’t have dental insurance. Your practice is doing ok, but not great. You stress over bad cash flow cycles, lack of loyal patients, annoying insurance companies that force you to cut YOUR PRICES! You struggle collecting your hard earned money from patients that pay their bills late. You feel overwhelmed and can’t seem to fix your practice’s problems. You have all this to worry about on top of being a quality dentist, so you do nothing about it. Being stuck is the worst, lets get you unstuck!

The Solution

In-house membership plans are a proven marketing strategy to help make your practice more revenue and to allow your patients to become loyal to your office. Our software will help you organize, grow and automate the entire process to create successful in-house membership/loyalty plans for your office.


Of Americans Don't Have Dental Insurance


Businesses with recurring revenue receive a 42% premium over the traditional value of a company

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