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What is BoomCloud?

BoomCloud is a software that allows dental practices to create, organize and automate an in-house membership program. Generate recurring revenue for your practice and make it easy for patients to accept treatment. Watch a demo.

“Within minutes of signing up for BoomCloud we signed up a few families for our membership program”

“BoomCloud has allowed us to generate recurring revenue for our practice”

Dr. Flint Tomlinson, DMD


“BoomCloud Dental Membership Software has quickly become a powerful tool in the belt of my dental practice.  For a long period of time, my practice has served as an instrument of recommendation to the insurance industry.  That was before I discovered Jordon Comstock’s great product.  BoomCloud’s Membership Software has given me the opportunity to break away from the mold.  In my opinion, a fully insurance driven practice must abide by limitations, and, even though dental insurance is not going away anytime soon, those of us who have discovered adding membership programs to our practice can now move forward according to our own music.  Many of my non-insurance patients have become members.  Many patients in my community have sought us out as an alternative to purchasing insurance, and we are just 4 months in!  I think membership programs are going to change the face of dentistry.  What sets BoomCloud apart is it’s customer service.  It is not uncommon for the CEO himself to intervene should we have questions or need assistance.  Mr. Comstock’s team is fast to answer and present to problem solve.  BoomCloud Membership software is user friendly and links to my website so patients can sign up online.”

R. Benjamin Scott, DMD