Increase Your Income Without Increasing Production Webinar

Apr 23, 2024

Hosted by BoomCloud CEO Jordon Comstock and featuring the wisdom of industry guru Ben Tuinei and the insights of special guest Dr. Mark Costes, this session was a deep dive into the maze of dental insurance and loaded with practical hacks to boost profitability without just cranking up production.

Personal Stories, Real Strategies

Ben Tuinei immediately captured the audience’s attention with a compelling personal story, illustrating the critical importance of mastering insurance knowledge. His family’s medical scare was a wake-up call, illustrating the power of knowledge and negotiation in insurance to literally save lives. This intense story paved the way for a broader conversation about standing up for patients and mastering the ins and outs of insurance contracts to both protect patient care and boost practice success.

Ben then urged dental practices to get ahead of the game with their insurance strategies. He shared tactics for battling unfair insurance practices, championing patient rights, and ensuring practices get the pay they deserve for their services. His message was clear: gear up with knowledge and tools to confidently take on the insurance world.

Leveling Up Practice Operations

Next, Dr. Mark Costes stepped in with a goldmine of advice on how to up a practice’s financial game without just pushing production into overdrive. As a wizard in dental practice management, Mark dished out strategies all about efficiency and sharp management. He highlighted the game-changers like optimizing systems, cutting costs, and tech tools that streamline operations and slash overhead.

Mark’s philosophy? Work smarter, not harder. He showed how focusing on the backend of the operations, from staffing hacks to patient management software, can not only boost profits but also improve care quality with more dedicated patient time.

A Goldmine for Dental Pros

In a nutshell, the Increase Inc. webinar was an essential pit stop for dental professionals navigating the tricky insurance terrain while aiming to supercharge their operational mojo. The expert insights from Ben Tuinei and Mark Costes are pure gold for any dental practice set on thriving in today’s healthcare hustle.