I have been personally helping a handful of dental practices grow their membership program so that I can better understand how to educate our industry with this concept. Referral partnerships are an amazing tool to grow any type of business. I have used referral partnerships to grow BoomCloud and to grow many other companies. If you truly want to grow your membership program you need to focus on internal and external marketing. A great marketer understands that everyone has a network and can find ways to leverage other people’s networks to help grow their business and generate leads while being beneficial to the network owner.

Partner with DPC Medical Practices

DPC stands for Direct primary care and it is a law for both medical and dental practices to be able to create membership programs without much interference from insurance commissioners, you can read more about it here – https://boomcloudapps.com/state-regulations/ 

I recommend finding a DPC medical practice or multiple practices and partnering with them to share leads and refer to eachother. A DPC medical doctor is constantly working with patients that have the membership mindset, if you can partner with an already established practice that has an entire patient base on the membership model on the medical side, you will be more likely to convert those patients to your dental membership program because of the mindset. Here are a few links to find DPC medical practices in your area:




I hope this post inspires you to grow your membership program by utilizing someone else’s network. Reach out to your local DPC practices and get those membership referrals signing up for your practice! Good luck!


Jordon Comstock

Founder, CEO