Grow Your Membership by 1000% 4 minutes

In this chapter we’ll review the results of different practices before and after signing up with BoomCloud, and discuss the keys to a successful membership program.

Chapter 7 : Grow Your Membership by 1000%

We all know membership programs can help reduce reliance on dental insurance and generate a healthy amount of predictable recurring revenue for your practice. What your practice might not know is that in order to really have a successful membership program your practice needs to stop manually managing your program and implement a proven system to help manage and grow your program. 

You see Amazon Prime’s membership program has systems and automation to allow it to scale. They don’t manually call you or manually run credit cards when you show up to their online store – this would be crazy and not very productive. This is how you should think when implementing your program. Why would you make your team members manually manage a membership program, this also means that you will pay FICA, Taxes, salaries and benefits to have your team manually manage your membership patients, when your team should be focusing on patients vs paperwork and admin tasks that take them away from patients. BoomCloud costs your practice only $10 per day (in 2019) which basically means you can have a complete efficient system to manage your membership program for what it costs you to eat at Mcdonalds or a nice Chinese restaurant. 

Lets review the success of some of our customers at BoomCloud and show you how BoomCloud can help you grow your program by 1,000%

Premier Dental: This office stated growing their membership program manually and reach around 76 patients until they realized the need for an automated system for the practice. They now have over 1,800 patients paying them monthly and yearly fees to get access to their practice. Once they were able to systematize their membership program with BoomCloud they scaled their program which has resulted in a 1,184% growth rate. Systems help you scale.

Palmetto Dental: I remember the first time I met this office they were investigating the idea of a membership program back in 2016 and decided to sign up a few patients manually. It didn’t take them too long  to realize that in order to grow they needed a platform to help them manage the tedious tasks of a membership program from ACH payment automation to contract management Palmetto dental has grow their membership program by 1,650% since they started using BoomCloud to help them scale.

Stadium dental: This practice started a membership program and was managing it manually before they found BoomCloud. The practice wanted to offer a monthly membership program because it offered a lower barrier to entry for patients to sign up as well as monthly recurring revenue. Once they decided to use BoomCloud, they have grow their membership program by 559%.

After reviewing these results I hope it is clear to you that by creating a membership program and using BoomCloud your practice can benefit from healthy growth rates and healthy predictable recurring revenue. 

Remember that predictable recurring revenue is the goal when creating a membership program and BoomCloud can help your practice manage this as well as so many cool features like Contract management, ACH automation, Benefit tracking and online enrollment. I would suggest that you schedule a live demo of BoomCloud and start increasing your revenue and your membership program.

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