The top 4 problems of running a dental practice are: Managing cash flow, patient loyalty, working with insurance and collections. Your practice is doing ok, but not great. You stress over bad cash flow cycles, lack of loyal patients, annoying insurance companies that force you to cut YOUR PRICES! You struggle collecting your hard earned money from patients that pay their bills late. You feel overwhelmed and can’t seem to fix your practice’s problems. You have all this to worry about on top of being a quality dentist, so you do nothing about it. Being stuck is the worst, lets get you unstuck!

BoomCloud will help your office manage all of the above problems… Automatically.


Cash Flow Management

Managing your cash flow is a cinch. Set up your patients with automatic payments on a recurring basis. Allowing your practice to have a predictable cash cycle. No more sleepless nights!

Fast And Easy Set Up

BoomCloud is software in the cloud, all you have to do is create an account and your software will be available from any computer.

Patient Loyalty

With BoomCloud you can create custom memberships built for your office and offer the plans to your patients allowing them to become loyal to your office and eliminate hassles of insurance companies.

Safe & Secure

Our software is HIPPA compliant meaning we follow all security laws for your patients. Your data is secure and encrypted when you use our software.

Collections And Payments

Patient can’t afford to pay for all of your services up front? BoomCloud allows your practice to automatically collect  monthly and yearly payments from your patients so your office will never get paid late again.

No More Management Headaches

Our software makes it so your staff is happy managing your in-house membership program because they don’t have to manually manage every single members account. Use our software and make your office more efficient.

Did You Know?

Over 60% of Americans Don’t Have Dental Insurance