BoomCloud V.2.0

It Has Arrived!

We are releasing BoomCloud 2.0 on Monday August 29th!! Here is what we have added:

Website Integration: integrate your membership program with your website. Your patients will be able to sign up for your plans right from your website

Integration Design: Custom design the look of your patient plan sign up page so it matches your website

Patient Portal: Allow your patients to login into their membership plan to see their benefits, update credit card info and see their payment history.

Patient Portal Design: Upload you logo and pick the colors of your brand so your patient portal login matches your website and business branding.

Group Management: Group management will allow DSOs and Co-Ops to receive a custom pricing plan from boomcloud, allow you to invite all practices in your DSO or Co-op, allow you to see an overview of all your locations , see monthly and yearly revenue from all locations and see if their is any issues with the status of a certain account. you will also be able to have admin access to all locations so that you can see individual numbers and metrics. We give all group managers admin access to all practices in their account and give you the ability to turn off/on certain features like adding or editing plans.


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