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Become an affiliate and earn revenue when you sign up a practice to BoomCloud! If you are a dental business consultant or help practices in some way via your own services you can join our affiliate program! The process is simple. Fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you and your team to talk about our program with you!

Commissions: $300 per sign up

*All affiliates must show their clients a demo of BoomCloud and help each dental practice sign up. If our sales team is needed to help close the sale commission may vary.

* If we give special discounts to your offices commission payouts may be different.

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Steps for signing up

1. Read Affiliate Terms.

2. Register as an affiliate with the form below.

3. Email info@boomcloudapps.com and tell us that you are interested in becoming an affiliate.

4. Schedule a time with our team to learn our process.

Differentiate Yourself

Allow your consulting business to appear different from others by offering your practices BoomCloud Dental Membership Software.

Add More Products to Your Tool Belt

Most consultants have a database of software tools and services to help them grow dental practices. BoomCloud can give you another powerful tool to offer your clients.

Earn Awesome Commissions

Generate great commissions for your consulting business and be rewarded for helping your clients out!

Help Your Clients Grow

When your clients grow they are satisfied with your work. BoomCloud can help your practices grow an unisured patients base.

Grow Your Client Base

Do you have a great product or service. We will feature you on our podcast and send emails out to our network of 31,000 dentists.

Help Your Clients Reduce Dependence on Dental Insurance!

Every Practice wants to reduce their dependence on dental insurance with the help of BoomCloud your consulting company can give a solution to your clients needs.

Join our Affiliate Program

Fill out the form below and we will contact you to join our program. By signing the form below you agree to our affiliate terms and conditions

Affiliate Resources

BoomCloud helps practices attract and retain uninsured patients, reduce dependence on dental insurance and generate recurring revenue. We are a software company that allows practices to create, organize, track and automate an in-house membership program.

With the help of BoomCloud, you now have the opportunity to create an in-house membership program for your patients with no waiting periods. Using our software to organize and create plans, add members to those plans, track benefits, automate payments and analyze reports. Your practice can now build recurring revenue which increases the value of a practice and allows you to truly care for your patients.

How We Are Different

If your client has the question, here is a resource for you to help answer the question correctly.


Benefit tracking: This allows the practice to track benefits received by a patient. this is critical to track because it is essential to know the benefits the patients are using so they don’t sign up and over use a benefit like cleanings and exams. It allows will show up in the patient dashboard so they know what they have used and what they can go in a receive. Most membership software do not offer a system to organize this.

Monthly & Yearly Payment Automation: Currently most membership software programs only allows practices to create monthly plans because they are making their revenue per transaction. Monthly plans are great but if you can offer yearly plans and receive the revenue up front this will make management easy and allow the practice to receive funds in advance.

Payment Alert Automation: BoomCloud will alert the office when a patient’s payment has been declined. A practice will receive 3 forms of alerts – Dashboard alerts, Email Alert and members dash alert. The patient will also be alerted of the issue and will be prompted to login to the patient portal and update their payment info.

Flat Fee: We charge a flat fee + any merchant fees for our partner merchant company (2.9%). most membership software programs takes around 10% – 20% of the practice membership revenue. This means as a practice grows they will be paying more and more to most membership software programs. We did an analysis on some of our customers and they would be paying over $1,000/mo – $6,000+/mo to most membership software programs just for the software. In my opinion the model is not in the favor for practice owners and may sound good initially for practices that are just getting started. If a practice truly wants to grow their program they need to understand the difference between fixed costs and revenue sharing costs.

Regulation Management: We provide a legal section in our software that educates practices about what they need to do in their state when it comes to regulations or it will display any known regulations. This is not legal advice but it is a great resource for practices.

Contract Management: It is critical to manage practice/patient agreements. BoomCloud allows a practice to upload scanned agreements to a patients account or upload a digital agreement and allow patients to sign digitally. All documents will be securely stored under the member account. This is very important because all states have regulations on patients agreements.

Patient Dashboard: We allow offices to use a patient dashboard so patients can login and check out the payment status and benefits they have used or not used for the practice. Patients cal also update billing info and add members in the patient dashboard.

Customize Patient Enrollment Page: BoomCloud allows practices to customize the patient sign up page with the practice logo and colors

Unique Dashboard: BoomCloud’s unique dashboard educates the practice on important metrics that are crucial to growth and success for managing a membership program.

Automated Payment plans: BoomCloud allows practice to create monthly payment plans that are separate from membership fees. For example if a patient came in and got two crowns done but cant afford to pay everything in full. BoomCloud has a feature that will allow practices to add a balance and automate payments while adding interest.

Pricing Type: We allow multiple options to structure your pricing for a membership program. We have options for the following:

  • Per individual Pricing
  • Static Pricing
  • Progressive Pricing
  • Progressive with Static Members

Each pricing type will have different options based on how you want to structure your plans.


Multi Location Management: BoomCloud allows practices with multi locations to create separate locations (Pricing is per location) so they can manage each location separately and efficiently. We also have what is a called the Group Admin for large group management. Most membership software programs has no solution for group management.

Monthly and Quarterly Features: We are a very innovative software company and are continuously adding new features, fixing bugs and adding value to BoomCloud and those that use it. We will be adding some new features in our next update at the end of April:
  •  Detail metrics and reporting
  • ACH Bank transfers ( this will allow office to automatically take payments via bank routing and accounting number versus a credit card that will expire)
  •  Small bug/design fixes
  •  birthdate automation for plans that upgrade based on patient age (eg: child turns 18 and now pays a hire price for the membership).
Grandfathered in: When a practice has signed up with us they will not receive a price increase for the core software. In the future there may be additional add ons (optional) but this is still being developed.

Webinar with Dr. Phelps and Jordon Comstock: www.boomcloudapps.com/courses

Webinar for Office Mangers: https://boomcloud.webinarninja.co/my/wnwebinarlist/index?webinar_id=67701

BoomCloud Explainer Video: https://vimeo.com/175866204

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BoomCloud Tour/Video Demo: www.boomcloudapps.com/membership-software

The Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast with Jordon Comstock & Ben Tuinei: SayNoToPPOs.com

Harnessing The Benefits of a Membership program with Gary Takacs & Jordon Comstock:  http://www.takacslearningcenter.com/harness-the-benefits-of-an-in-office-membership-plan-for-your-patients-with-jordon-comstock/

Recurring Revenue System for Practices with Reese Harper & Jordon Comstockhttp://dentistadvisors.com/podcast/jordon-comstock/

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