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For those who want to learn.

Do You Want to Grow Your Dental Membership Program?

If you are serious about growing your in-house dental membership program and reducing dependance on dental insurance, we strongly suggest you watch our video courses. Here you will find resources and education about how to manage and grow your membership program. We will be adding more and more videos here each month.

Reduce┬áDependence on PPOs – Webinar

This course will teach you how to reduce dependence on dental insurance by Negotiating fees, creating a membership program and by having a plan to get of PPOs. Speakers are: Jordon Comstock, Bill Rossi & Ben Tuinei

How to grow your membership program with Dr. Phelps – Webinar

This course will teach you how Dr. Chris Phelps grew his membership program to 1,000 patients in his first year and contributed to his 1.4 million dollars of growth.

How to use BoomCloud for Office Managers – Webinar

This course teaches office managers how to use BoomCloud with their current practice management software. We also give great tips for growing your membership prpgram.