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You are here because Gary Takacs referred you to BoomCloud! We are super excited that you are interested in reducing dependence on PPOs and building a successful membership program!

Watch the quick video demo above and read the frequently asked questions below to see if BoomCloud is a fit for your practice.



Gary’s Deal

If you want to take advantage of the deal Gary Takacs webinar attendees and podcast listeners receive, click this link and sign up for BoomCloud so we know you came from Gary!

Software Pricing: $299.99/mo

Set up Fee: $1,000 (One time)


Why Practices Love Using BoomCloud.

We’ve used BoomCloud for a year and a half. During that time, our membership plan has grown to include nearly 200 patients without any external marketing at all. My team presents it as an option to all new patients and to existing patients who have no dental benefits plan coverage. It’s also provided an in-house option for financing care to enable qualified patients to fit their treatment into their budgets with recurring payments. As some employers cut back on their benefits, we’re positioned to offer a competitive option that keeps patients returning for care.

– Paul Cardon DDS



Being a dentist/business owner, time is a precious commodity. The more you grow your plan, the more labor intensive it will become to track and manage your membership plan. I’m not sure why a dentist would want to incur the expense of paying an employee or add another job to their already busy life and career. I’ve made some bad decisions in my career, but the decision to use BoomCloud to manage my membership plan is not one of them. Great dashboard for tracking plan benefits and KPI’s, manages and tacks all ACH and credit card payments, and we also use it for in-office payment plans for eligible patients.”

Don’t waste time and money……..CONTACT Jordon Comstock AND BOOMCLOUD!!

Stacy Wince, DDS

“It didn’t take long for our staff members and many of our patients to discover the benefits of implementing the BoomCloud Dental Membership Software into our practice. We have experienced an increase in treatment case acceptance by our patients who are members and they are enjoying all of their savings! BoomCloud has given us the system to help make dentistry affordable for many of our non-insured patients to receive dental cleanings twice per year, as well as accomplish treatment that they previously had to put on hold due to cost. We have seen multiple patients switch from an insurance plan they were unhappy with, to becoming a satisfied member of our savings plan. BoomCloud Dental Membership Software has been the answer to the savings program our practice has been searching for! The program is very user friendly for both the customer and provider. Their customer service department is great and are always so prompt in assisting me. I would recommend this company to any dental practice interested in providing a great alternative to insurance for their patients.”

Jaci Jackson, OM

“Within minutes of signing up for BoomCloud we signed up a few families for our membership program”

BoomCloud has allowed us to generate recurring revenue for our practice”

Flint Tomlinson, DMD

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an In-house Dental Membership Program?

A membership program is a set of plans that you offer your patients. These plans offer discounted dental care for a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Once subscribed, a member might benefit from free cleanings plus a discount on other needs. This frees patients and your office from the tethers of insurance companies by offering them the option of a membership plan.

You can learn more from our article on dentistryiq.com

Why use BoomCloud?

If you are serious about growing and scaling a dental membership program then you need a system. BoomCloud is the most robust solution in the dental market. You can track your revenue, active members and cancellations as well as using our ACH payment automation system to automate payments and reduce declined cards. You can also set up unlimited plans and add unlimited members for a low flat monthly fee.

Schedule a demo today!

Can't we just manage this on our own?

Yes, but why pay FICA, taxes and employee benefits when you can have a software system efficiently and automatically manage your program each month for a low monthly fee ($10 per day). A manual system can only be scaled to a small amount of members. The purpose of offering a membership program is to grow it to hundreds or even thousands of members If you rely too much on employees and team members to manage your program what happens when they quit or are fired? your program will fail or plateau because the process and system is in that team member’s head.

What happens if patients quit paying after sign up?

It is recommended that you use a 12 month contract(Retainer agreement) when patients sign up for your monthly or yearly membership program. If you use BoomCloud, we recommend using our ACH bank withdrawal features so that your practice is not dealing with declined and expired credit cards. ACH is one of the most secure and effecient payment methods, plus it is more affordable in regards to merchant fees!

How is BoomCloud different than other software programs?

What makes us different.

Benefit tracking: This allows the practice to track benefits received by a patient. this is critical to track because it is essential to know what patients are using what benefits so they don’t sign up and over use a benefit like cleanings and exams.

Flat Fee: We charge a flat monthly fee + any merchant fees to use our software. Most other solutions takes 10% – 20% of the practice membership revenue. This means as a practice grows they will be paying more and more for software. We don’t agree with this model.

ACH Payments: BoomCloud allows your practice to collect ACH payments which are more predictable and have less problems with declines and expiration dates as it will pull funds directly from the patients bank account. This is more affordable for your practice in regards to merchant fees. Our ACH system will allow you to verify in real time as the patient is signing up in the office, no need to wait for verification codes from the bank.

Regulation Management: We provide a legal section in our software that educates practices about what they need to do in their state when it comes to regulations. We also are in the process of getting qualified in each state for our plan templates. Most other companies claim there are no regulations and don’t have a solution.

Contract Management: it is critical to manage practice/patient agreements. BoomCloud allows a practice to upload scanned agreements to a patients account or upload a digital agreement and allow patients to sign digitally. All documents will be securely stored under the member account. This is important because most states require a legal agreement and BoomCloud allows your practice to easily and securely manage this.

Customize Patient Enrollment Page: BoomCloud allows practices to customize the patient sign up page with the practice logo and colors

Unique Dashboard: BoomCloud’s unique dashboard educates the practice on important metrics that are crucial to growth and success for managing a membership program.

Automated Payment plans: BoomCloud allows practice to create monthly payment plans that are separate from membership fees. For example if a patient came in and received two crowns done but cant afford to pay everything in full. BoomCloud has a feature that will allow practices to add a balance and automate payments while adding interest.

Monthly and Quarterly Features: We are a very innovative software company and are continuously adding new features, fixing bugs and adding value to BoomCloud and those that use it.

Grandfathered in: When a practice has signed up with us they will not receive a price increase for using the core software product. other companies will increase their pricing.

What is your refund policy?

Cancel anytime – 30 day notice. Past payments are non refundable.

Can I integrate this software into my website?

Yes. You can integrate our software with any website or by using RocketFire Dental Sites (Our Sister Company). Patients will be able to sign up for your plans right from your website. Contact RocketFire about integration.

Can my practice legally sell a membership program?

Yes! Your practice can legally sell a membership program. Some states have certain requirements and regulations to protect you and the patient. We always recommend having your attorney review your retainer agreement. If you need a great attorney that understands dental membership programs contact J.D. Kesler from Parsons, Behle and Latimer – jkesler@behle.com

How does the software collect payments from patients?

BoomCloud can accept the following payment methods and automates monthly or yearly payments:

Credit Cards: Accept credit cards at a fixed merchant fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

 ACH Transactions: Collect membership revenue by automatucally withdrawing funds from a patients bank account.

  • Our merchant partner will charge .08 percent on all ACH transactions
  • It takes one 24 hours for charges to be pulled out of a verified ACH account.
  • Our merchant partner has to hold onto this for one week before depositing them into your bank account to allow for the person to dispute the transaction.
Can a membership program be offered to patients with insurance?

Yes, as long as they are out of network. 

    Why do you charge a setup fee?

    We charge a setup fee because we consult and educate your practice, create digital marketing and print kits, as well as help you set up your plans. Everything included in the setup fee is listed on the pricing page: www.boomcloudapps.com/pricing

      Can we create our own plans?

      Yes! Our plans are customized for each individual office. 

        Why should we do a plan if our FFS patients already pay?

        You want to do a plan because member patients spend 2-3.5X more than non-members. See this video to learn more: https://boomcloudapps.com/2019/02/01/the-true-value-of-membership-patients-you-are-gonna-love-this-video/

          BoomCloud Software Features

          BoomCloud is the most robust dental membership software on the market. Your team can fully customize your plans and receive help from our professionally trained customer success team. To learn more about BoomCloud’s features read below and schedule a live demo and free consultation for your practice.

          Automatic Payments

          Generate predictable recurring revenue for your practice and build a loyal patient base.

           Customizable Plans

          Customize your plan using our plans builder and create plans that help your practice grow.

           Unlimited Members

          Add unlimited members to your plans. We won’t charge you per member so that you can grow!


          Understand your metrics and KPIs for your membership program.

           ACH Payments

          Collect ACH payments to help your practice reduce declined cards.

           Website Integration

          Connect BoomCloud to your website so patients can sign up and login online.

           Patient Financing

          Increase case acceptence by offering in-house financing and collect interest from payments

           Group Management

          Allow your DSO to easily manage a group of practices and plans.

           Contract Management

          Collect and store your patient membership agreements online.

          BoomCloud University

          Ensure your team is educated and on the same page. Online software training & strategy

          Dedicated Support Rep

          Each practice is assigned a support rep to help train and answer questions from your team.

          Online Bill Pay

          Integrate our bill pay app with your website and collect invoice payments online 24/7 .

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