I had the privilege of recording another podcast with my good buddy, Dr. Mark Costes from the Dentalpreneur Podcast (Listen Below). I absolutely enjoyed this episode as we compared running a tech company to running a dental office and most importantly talked about how to make passive income from dentistry. I think this is the most important business topic in dentistry as passive income allows you to scale your practice and earn revenue whether you are practicing dentistry or on vacation.

I have written a book titled make $50k/mo from your dental membership program and I have a full course title “Passive Income in Dentistry”. You can get these resources here –  https://bit.ly/3OwJmES

In addition, we talked about the practice revenue engine (see image below) and why it is so critical to generate revenue from every stage of your patient’s journey through your practice. We also talk about why passive income/recurring revenue is critical in every stage of your practice revenue engine.