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Jordon Comstock guested appeared on our friend, Mark Costes’ podcast show for the second time! Mark has been a huge supporter of our company and we are thrilled to be on his show again and have his support!

In this episode Mark and Jordon Talk about the following:

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most profoundly effective.

If you’re not offering in-office membership and savings plans in your practice you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

In this episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, I interview Jordon Comstock, founder of BoomCloudApps.com and the co-host of the Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast.

During our chat, we discuss:

  • How to integrate in-office membership plans to increase revenue and decrease attrition in your dental practice
  • The best resources for ensuring that your plan is in compliance with state regulations
  • The do-it-yourself steps to creating your own plan
  • How to delegate out the creation and administration of your plan

Listen to the podcast


164: Increase Case Acceptance, Create Passive Income and Decrease Patient Attrition

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